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"To solve today's problems we need mass changes in behavior. That's what mobile persuasion is all about." – Editors BJ Fogg & Dean Eckles


The Future of Persuasion is Mobile
"Mobile phones will soon become the most important platform for changing human behavior. . . . Nothing can stop this revolution." – BJ Fogg

Using Technology to Promote Youth Sexual Health
"Mobile technology allows us to reach young people so that any given moment becomes a teachable one." – Deb Levine

MyFoodPhone: The Start of Mobile Health Revolution
"MyFoodPhone has shown that people are willing to use mobile devices to manage health-related issues." – Sebastien Tanguy & Peter Heywood

Persuasive Games on Mobile Devices
"Mobile persuasive games offer a promising tool for intervention because video games are adept at creating fictional worlds." – Ian Bogost

Simply Persuasive: Using Mobile Technology to Boost Physical Activity
"Gaming engages people and increases personal performance." – Erik Damen

Managing Chronic Disease through Mobile Persuasion
"Mobile phones change behaviors by creating a unique relationships between the patient and the device." – Peter Boland

Augmented Reality: Using Mobile Visualization to Persuade

"If augmentation shapes how we perceive the world, then we can shape behavior." – Sean White

Transforming the Mobile Phone into a Personal Performance Coach
"Imagine having a personal coach with you all the time, helping you target behaviors that matter to you." – Alex Kass

Personal Health Assistant in the Palm of Your Hand
"The mobile phone platform can enable an 'always there,' 'always relevant' user experience." – Paul Hedtke

Mobile Persuasion for Everyday Behavior Change
"Through using our mobile applications, individuals become aware of longer-term trends in their behavior." – Sunny Consolvo, Eric Paulos, & Ian Smith

Designing Engaging Mobile Experiences
"Mobile users are now ready and willing to engage with their favorite brands on mobile phones." – Josh Ulm

The Four Pillars of a Successful Mobile Marketing Vision
"The mobile platform can transform the brand promise into a concrete reality." – Eric Holmen

Pervasive Persuasive Play: Rhetorical Game Design for the Ubicomp World
"Something as mundane as saving a game's world can be highly persuasive: Rewards induce learning." – Steffen P. Walz

Mobile Persuasion and the Power of Meaning
"The need for esteem is met through the personalization of mobile devices." – George LeBrun

Mobile Persuasion Design Principles
"Being mobile is much less about technology, and much more about culture, connectedness, and fundamental human needs." – Mirjana Spasojevic, Rachel Hinman, & Will Dzierson

The Need for Simplicity
"When a device or service purports to do all things for all people, it usually doesn't do any of them very well." – Martin Cooper

The Jetson Kids Reboot HealthCare
"The wave of mobile health products is growing, and Boomers are ideally positioned to ride this new wave into the future." – Susan Ayers Walker & Michael Sarfatti

Ethical Dangers of Mobile Persuasion
"I'm worried that people building these technologies have little understanding of their implications." – Jerry Michalski

Redefining Persuasion for a Modern World
"Mobile technologies persuade by becoming part of how people interact with the world." – Dean Eckles