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Our services

Discover how MOBILE PERSUASION can help grow your business.

Mobile website design


We create goal-oriented mobile sites. We help your website visitors get access to the needed information as quickly as possible. Our websites include built-in, efficient lead generation forms which make lead capture a breeze.

Mobile app design


We design apps that are really simple and easy to use, and thus increase conversions. All the user interface elements are kept to a minimum; we make sure that your custom app includes all the needed functionality, though.

E-commerce development


We provide a broad range of e-commerce solutions. We build e-stores that are easily scalable and hacker-proof. Our solutions help improve customer experience, and thus are able to increase revenue and profit.

We helped companies and individuals all over the world achieve outstanding results within the last five years.

Our work process begins by learning about our clients and their businesses. This way, we are able to make powerful suggestions that align with the company goals and philosophy.

Then, we analyze your competitors. We find out which ones of them are doing a great job, and we discover what site or app elements help them achieve those impressive results.

The next step of the process is a user journey simulation. We put ourselves in your users' shoes, and then we explore the existing website or app, trying to determine its positive and negative aspects. Finally, we design a solution prototype. We work with you until all the requested features are implemented, and fully functional.

Our work is only finished after your project is 100% ready, delivered and deployed. We provide three months of tech support for free; this should be more than enough to learn how to use your new solution.